About Us

We're a Friendly Group of People Who Love What We DoIn our team we welcome good professionals who are interested in constant self improving and are always ready to pass on their knowledge.

Who We ArePolyglot in details

All our staff members are people with whom we have previously studied or worked before. We are an international network of professionals with a proven track record of success. Our management team consists of strong managers in the Nordics who speak your local language and have rich international business experience. We appreciate the relationships in the team and our staff is our second family. Only those who are willing to help and support their colleagues as their own family are working in the company.

Our philosophy gives us a higher purpose than just earning money. It helps us form our strategy for the business and to make difficult decisions, especially where there is a conflict between different concerns. We work hard to really understand our clients' businesses and objectives so we can provide appropriate, lasting solutions. Our target customers are organisations that place high value on quality in our products and services and can afford this.

We CareAlways to be simple, true and honest

What we work onValues

Our Focus

We are dedicated to helping industry leaders and technology challengers disrupt creative ideas into tangible value by providing unique and reliable software solutions for unparalleled business growth. We believe in working together and collaborating with our clients. Creative tension and energy drive continuous improvement. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

As a technology company we want to ensure the industry leadership of our customers by effectively implementing high technology innovation with a solution-based approach and outstanding professional expertise. We build things fast. Time to value is important, so we believe in getting products in the hands of users as quickly as possible. We leverage open-source tools to help accelerate our efforts to bring new products to market.

We are always proactive and result-oriented. We value transparency, quality, communication and efficiency.

Our processes are plain and simple for the client. We address any question, concern or idea coming from the customer's side with a direct and straightforward style. You always have direct access to the key people working on your project and receive relevant and timely reports with explanations, friendly discussions and to the point decisions throughout the engagement. We are always available for calls and adjust our working hours to the business hours of the customers from other time zones if necessary.

With open lines of communication, accurate reporting and detailed measurements of progress, you can rely on the highest level of quality. We maintain a completely transparent workflow throughout projects. We make sure that there are no surprises, unforeseen costs or other issues. We take every possible step to see that your data, your processes and your operations are never compromised during any engagement with us.

At Polyglot, we understand the value of technology is in the benefits it yields to our clients. We select from the best state-of-the-art technologies to engineer solutions that fit client needs. We comply with the latest development and technology standards, apply cutting edge software engineering methodologies and integration procedures to build quality solutions. Polyglot specializes in developing solutions based on Java and AWS.

How we workExpertise

Personal Project Manager

A project manager that speaks your local language is assigned individually to every project. A long-time client is assigned with a personal project manager that is responsible for all client’s projects, communication and delivery of project relevant information for the client. He gains additional expertise in client’s business domain and virtually becomes a remote client’s employee. As a result, he is a part of your own team.

We are agile by nature. We use a modern, lightweight process, which enables us to focus on adding functionalities, testing and delivering them in a weekly cycle, to give you the results of our work early and often. Every week of our work starts with a detailed plan, and ends with a working, tested and documented delivery-ready solution.

Our engineers collaborate with clients to understand project requirements and develop custom enterprise solutions leveraging proven and next generation technologies. With deep domain experience and technology expertise we have helped deliver complex, high performing, scalable and cost effective custom solutions to our clients.

We constantly measure and improve the quality of our processes and effectiveness of our teams to serve our customers better. Polyglot has adapted industry standard Agile methodologies designed to create lean, timely, effective and efficient solutions that achieve our client’s goals.

Your choice of IT solution is of great importance for the quality of the daily tasks. In Polyglot you get a competent partner that offers consulting, development, implementation, infrastructure and operations. With us, it is possible to order the services with a single access point. Such a "one-stop" service releases the customer from additional product-related costs, saves time, and allows establishing a long-term partnership.

Having experienced software architects on board, we can assess the quality of your architectures. We can verify all the main architectural properties like performance, scalability, extensibility, reliability, portability and security. We will also give you suggestions as to possible improvements.

Our Collaboration Models Top Talent and Cost Effective

Custom Software Development

The secret to getting projects done on time and within budget lies heavily within our streamlined project execution process. While other companies may leave you out of the loop during a project’s development, we invest in our clients’ vision and work closely with them to produce an extraordinary product. We have carefully crafted a process that relies on client participation.

Dedicated Development Center

We are a process oriented company. The core objective of our processes is to make sure we execute and successfully complete projects on time within budget. We bring you the resources that you need to build a team that is 100% dedicated to your product. Our highly-qualified specialists will be 100% dedicated and focused on your business success. Need more? We can run your entire IT development remotely.

Managed Services

Whether your product is early in its lifecycle or in maintenance mode, our team can provide the sustaining engineering services to ensure continued innovation and ongoing product maintenance. We can develop major releases to introduce new functionality on a regular cadence or as required by your customer base.

Our PartnersEffective Relationships