QA & Testing

  • Requirements Analysis, Process Design & Test Strategy Planning Test Requirements Planning, Test Framework Development, Processes, Tools & Test Environments Strategy, Quality Control Program, Quality Assurance Audit.
  • Development of Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Test Procedures & Test Data Test Case Design, Test Data Development, Test Scenarios, Test Procedures & Test Plan Development.
  • Manual & Automated Testing of Mobile, Web & APIs Functional, Regressive, Integrative, Systemic, Volumetric, Data Migration & Acceptance, Productivity, Weight Bearing, Compatibility Testing, Integration Testing, Data Migration Testing, Cross-Browser, A/B Testing, Smoke Testing, Test Automation of Mobile, Web & APIs, Test Automation Environment Development & G11N/L10N Testing.
  • Performance Testing & Tuning Load Testing, Stress Testing, Scalability Testing, Stability Testing, Soak Testing, Component Testing, Server-Side Performance Testing, Web Application Performance Testing, Website Performance Testing.
  • Security Testing Threat Modeling, Penetration Testing, Source Code Review, Security Standards (OWASP, ISO/IEC), Encryption.
  • Managed Testing Services Full-Cycle QA, Dedicated QA Teams, On-Demand Testing, Independent Testing, Testing Environments Management & Maintenance, Optimisation & Management of Existing Test Suites, Defect Management, Test Reporting & Notifications.


  • Test Data Management
  • Testing Engagement Models
  • Processes, Tools & Test Strategy


  • Streamlined QA Processes
  • Automated Test Environments
  • Mobile, Web & APIs Automated Tests


  • Full-Cycle QA Processes
  • Software Quality Control Plan (SQCP)
  • Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQAP)

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