Your ideaUnderstand Your Business

We understand that every business is different and you know your project better than anyone. We start with a meeting where we discuss your expectations and project goals.

We make sure we fully understand the scope, assess your expectations and find the best way to build a solid partnership. We love taking bright ideas and turning them into business value. We excel at projects where initial requirements are not clear which usually change during the course of the project.

Define Requirements, Architecture and Estimations

We commit to delivering the best quality and on time. In order to achieve such an ambitious goal, we pay extra attention to the initial analysis of the project and detailed examination of your business needs. This initial stage may require various methods of collecting information about the project itself and also about the environment where it will be used.

Once we are sure we've got your requirements correctly, our architects will ensure your solution can support the required Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance and Supportability (FURPS). We provide you with a brief quote and if it's ok for you, we prepare a detailed Technical Proposal that includes functional requirements, non-functional requirements and estimation. This approach ensures the development of projects which fully meets the expectations of our clients.

Next we compose a team that is dedicated to your project.

PlanMilestones and Features

We devote the best team and choose the right approach to ensure that your project is delivered according to a flexible plan, with a valuable and prioritised feature set. Depending on the nature of the project, the planning phase can cover the whole project, some iteration or a single feature.

This phase is aimed at an in-depth analysis of each feature, functionality and specification of how exactly it will look like and behave. The main objective of this phase is to create a prioritised product backlog containing the user stories.

We do project delivery by milestones. Every project, either big or small is divided in milestones depending on your requirements prioritisation. A milestone consists of a number of sprints, each of a duration of one or two weeks, which usually run consecutively with no gaps in between.

SprintsTransparency, Inspection and Adaptation

We believe in lightweight processes and delivering as fast as possible. Scrum uses iteration and constant review to make sure that what is being delivered is what the client really wants. Prioritisation of features is inherent, ensuring that we concentrate on the most valuable ones first.

We strive to make all the development processes as transparent as possible for you. To inspect, adapt and improve we concentrate on ongoing communications and adopt Scrum practices like daily meetings, sprint planning, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives.

You get new "increments" of your product at the end of every sprint.

ImplementationAgile and Efficient

The implementation phase is a process of actual development, including activities such as stabilisation, documentation and quality assurance. At this stage we implement the required features that were planned for the sprint.

Our Agile development approach delivers shippable and valuable features quickly, so that your business can test these features with real users and guide future feature development with feedback.

Our QA team work closely with our developers to ensure that defects are discovered as early as possible. In addition, we apply high levels of automation to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and product quality. We develop a comprehensive test plan that includes unit testing, system testing, performance testing, regression testing and even alpha and beta testing to ensure your product meets market requirements at the desired coverage levels.

ValidateGive Feedback and Update Goals

Getting to market faster than competitors is what matters. We like to take products to market quickly, get feedback from real users, learn how to make it better and iterate quickly again. We put your idea through a full-cycle development process, polishing it to a professional ready-to-use product.

Although every project is different, we always stress the importance of close and regular collaboration, short feedback loops and creative solutions.

CollaborateTransparent Communication

Active involvement, cooperation and collaboration make projects much more enjoyable for all participants leading to highly motivated, intellectually creative and high-performing teams. Our approach embraces the need for continuous collaboration with you, which leads to a deeper understanding of your product's vision.

We believe in making this process as collaborative as possible. With access to the tracking tool, everyone is on the same page with respect to the roadmap and status of the tasks. We provide you with collaboration tools such as Slack for group chat and Jira for tracking product roadmap, features and defects. Working with us, you get the visibility of where we are at every particular moment.

LaunchGreat Product!

Your project is ready! We have combined our technological expertise with your deep understanding of your industry to create something more impressive than we could have done individually. Meaningful results that deliver maximum value.

Maintaining effective relationships and mutually beneficial ties with our partners is our priority. We believe that successful projects have a long lifespan and therefore we continue to help you after your project is launched.

MaintainSustaining Engineering

New features are integrated into your live product and performance is actively assessed. In addition, we apply high levels of automation to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and quality. Whether your product is early in its lifecycle or in maintenance mode, our teams can provide the sustaining engineering services to ensure continued innovation and ongoing maintenance.

We can develop major releases to introduce new functionality on a regular cadence or as required. Our developers work closely with the QA team to ensure all defect reports are prioritized and assigned to the upcoming releases.

We focus on developing long term relationships with our clients. Rest assured, you are never on your own.