AWS Security Services

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AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Polyglot helps customers implement AWS WAF to protect their web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources. Polyglot creates custom rules for AWS customers that block common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting, and rules that are designed for customer’s specific application.

AWS Shield

Polyglot helps customers implement AWS Shield to protect their web applications running on AWS. AWS Shield provides always-on detection and automatic inline mitigations that minimize application downtime and latency, so there is no need to engage AWS Support to benefit from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection. There are two tiers of AWS Shield - Standard and Advanced.

Polyglot är en AWS Select Consulting Partner och AWS Solution Provider. Vi hjälper kunder att migrera och bygga end-to-end-lösningar; från koncept och strategi, till design, implementering, underhåll och 24x7 support. Vi utvecklar och utnyttjar DevOps automatiseringslösningar med AWS.

Amazon Web Services är en säker molntjänstplattform som erbjuder datorkraft, databaslagring, innehållsleverans och annan funktionalitet som hjälper företag att växa.